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Welcome to WellnessWay – Whole Foods and Health Shop!

WELLNESSWAY is a whole foods and health shop that focuses on providing holistic health foods and lifestyle products for your health requirements.

The name ‘WELLNESSWAY’ reflects our vision to offer a range of products and services that attract all those who are drawn to healthy living choices. We’re committed to sourcing and supplying the finest healing and nutritional product ranges nature has to offer.

With a global move towards healthier living in its broadest sense, we understand the growing demand for an increasing scope of natural products to cater for various dietary requirements. We therefore take care to stock natural products in various categories including the following: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, organic and additive-free. We also provide healthy alternatives to promote effective lifestyle disease and allergen management. 

Our Vision

We aim to source and supply only the finest variety of health products from leading brands, thereby promoting evidence-based nutrition, health and wholesome lifestyle choices.

Our Services

  • Wellness lifestyle education & training

  • Nutritional cooking & demonstrations

  • Health seminars for small groups

  • Naturopathic consultation services

     All our holistic lifestyle consultations are offered virtually by appointment, and are hosted by a registered natural medicine practitioner and trained staff, upon request.

Why choose WellnessWay?

  • Excellent range of quality brands
  • A broad selection of lifestyle-choice products
  • Competitively priced
  • Personalised counselling & consultations upon request
  • Organic/Non-GMO Products

What our clients say…

Divine Elixir

“I loved one their products Divine Elixir. This mixture of different herbs and spices helped me cure my problem with sinusitis… winter used to be a nightmare for me but this whole winter I breathed easily and good night sleeps. Even with cold/flu symptoms it will work within 15 to 20 minutes. I recommend people to try it…. Thanks Tendayi.”

Don M

Well Priced!

WELLNESSWAY products are well priced! I found products I couldn’t find anywhere else!”

Cecile K

Great Store!

“So glad to see a shop of this calibre in our area. I hope it goes from strength to strength. Lovely and helpful staff and so much to choose from for those with food intolerances or those following healthier option. Congratulations!”

Michelle J

Great Selection!

“Great selection of food and super and super friendly staff. Can’t actually believe that I’m buying healthier foods here, that are cheaper than supermarkets.”

Lisa B

Improved Health

“I used to buy pre-mixed muesli packs from PNP until Tendayi made me aware of the many seeds that she can supply, and their amazing properties. This lady truly knows her stuff. My breakfasts have improved tremendously and so has my health.”

Peter B

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