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Non-GMO Pearl/Bulrush Millet 2kg


Also known as unyaluthi (Zulu), mhuga, mhungu (Shangaan), leotsa (Pedi), nyalothi (Sotho), and mhunga (Shona).

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Health Benefits

  • With protein levels at 11.6%, millet has more protein than rice, maize, barley and sorghum.
  • The high dietary fibre content in pearl millet, which is 8% to 9% improves bowel movement, reduces rate of sugar absorption in the blood, thus making it an excellent food for diabetic individuals … therefore it is reported that there is lesser incidence of diabetes in people who eat millet.
  • The phenols in millets act as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral molecules
  • Millet is beneficial in cholesterol lowering treatment due to its ability to modulate secretion of bile acids. Total cholesterol has been shown to be lowered in individuals regularly ingesting millet
  • A study has shown the benefits of a millet diet on BMI lowering :
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